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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my property values go Down?

Nope. There have been many studies done nationally since the early 2000’s that all show when multi-family developments are constructed adjacent to single family homes there are no negative effects on value of the adjacent properties. IN FACT a 2010 study done in Richmond, VA by George Mayson University suggests that “Overall, this analysis shows that the multi-family developments have positive impacts on the surrounding neighborhoods, with relatively strong home price appreciation and lower crime levels.” 


If you’re looking for more recent & hyper localized data, look no further than The Parliament, a 36 unit MRMU building on Mayson Ave that just completed construction last year. Within 12 months of that project finishing up on Mayson Ave the highest single family home sale in Edgewood’s History [900k+] went pending just 250 ft (6 lots) to the south of The Parliament at 72 Mayson Ave.  And about the same distance to the north the highest sale in Edgewood’s history for a duplex home [825k+] is also pending at 170 Mayson Ave. That’s right!  The two highest sales on record for single family & duplex homes in Edgewood, both less than one block from a 36 unit mixed income MR-MU community also developed by SLR Investments.

Will this project increase traffic congestion in the surrounding areas especially the Whitefoord Ave corridor?

Neighbors shouldn’t see any increase in traffic congestion after 90 & 98 Whitefoord is complete. In addition this project will remove all driveway curb cuts off of Whitefoord providing almost 200 feet of uninterrupted frontage along Whitefoord Ave. Furthermore, SLR engaged ATL DOT to do a site plan study of 90 & 98 Whitefoord Ave including the off street parking & curb cuts of our proposal & the following determination was made:


The amount of traffic that is expected to be generated by 90 & 98 Whitefoord will not be significant enough to have major impact on adjacent roadways. In addition, ATL DOT likes the fact that the proposed driveway would be a single curb cut and located on the side street.   

-ATL Dept. of Transportation

How do we hold SLR Investments accountable & make sure that the affordable units proposed are actually implemented once the new homes are built? 

SLR is proposing to incorporate a land use restriction agreement that would be recorded into the deed. This land use restriction will require SLR to register and designate the affordable units in the development in accordance with the guidelines of the office of Inclusionary Zoning with the City of Atlanta. A certificate of occupancy for the buildings would not be administered until the deed restriction has been recorded. 

What is AMI & what kind of affordability for my new neighbors will 90 & 98 Whitefoord actually offer? 

AMI is the Area Median Income for all cities across the country & is defined each year by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  The AMI for Atlanta in 2021 was $86,200. You can see an AMI chart under the “affordable housing” button at SLR plans to offer 12 total affordable units at 90 & 98 Whitefoord. One 2 bedroom unit & 11 Studios/1 bedrooms. This means that, with Edgewood’s support & encouragement, we can collectively provide 11 units of new housing for new neighbors making less than $36,000 a year & 1 unit for a family making less than $42,000 per year!  And all of this will be done without any public subsidy! Mixed Income, Beautiful, & Functional housing ensuring those who serve the community can also live in the community!

What will the buildings look like?

The inspiration for 90 & 98 Whitefoord’s design came straight from the 2009 Edgewood Redevelopment Plan that highlighted Edgewood’s  "1930’s & 1940’s Craftsman Era architecture complete with broad front porches & inviting front yards.” SLR will proudly curate four 2.5 story historically inspired buildings that look just like historical single family homes!  Craftsman details & cornice work, broad front porches, & a tremendous canopy of existing hardwoods and newly planted trees throughout the property! You can see renderings of the buildings and a street view from both Finley St. & Whitefoord Ave. just below the site plan at 

Where will all of my new neighbors park?

SLR is proposing 32 off street parking spaces on site. The plan is to subtly envelope the parking on the back of the lot including privacy screens along Finley and strategic placement of the buildings facing Whitefoord so that from the street you will never know the parking is there. We’ll also cut in 5+ spaces on our property along Finley St that will be public street parking deeded back to the City. Not only will this add additional parking but it will ensure that Finley St keeps its existing width & flow pulling any existing “on street” parking onto SLR’s property. 

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